Monday, May 18, 2009

Hiding Behind Math While Justifying Vandalism

This idiot suggests that teachers use graffiti-vandalism to teach math--because that's how we validate inner-city culture, isn't it?! How can you take anyone seriously who says the following:

Graffiti challenges, for example, mainstream notions of what counts as art, what counts as public space, and what counts as property, just as emceeing/DJing challenges what counts as music, and bboying challenges what counts as dance.

Mainstream notions of public space and property? Are you kidding me?

This combines "the soft bigotry of low expectations", the worst excesses of "multicultural education", underclass entitlement, and class warefare, all in one. And then to tie it to math? Bonus!


PeggyU said...

Jeez Louise! It is ok to hide behind math when justifying needlework, though. ;)

Ellen K said...

Isn't this the same attitude that got real literature kicked out of English classes and replaced with socially appropriate literature from "underserved populations?" That's why kids don't have a clue who Shakespeare, Byron or Shelley are, but know every rapper who ever made a YouTube video. Lower your expectations and you get exactly what your expect.

Anonymous said...

1. 50-Cent is angry at another drug dealer. He holds a gun 1 meter above the ground and points it perfectly horizontally at the offending dealer's head. He fires it, and the bullet's initial velocity is 365 m/s. Assuming air resistance is negligible, write two parametric equations to describe the bullet's vertical and horizontal position as a function of time t (in seconds). If he misses, and the ground is perfectly flat, how long will the bullet travel before it hits the ground?

Hey, I could see this inner-city math thing having some real potential.

DADvocate said...

"the soft bigotry of low expectations" has done more harm than hard bigotry ever hoped.