Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan.

Today's question is:
From which country/countries can you directly see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from one spot?


Stopped Clock said...

I think it really depends on where you draw the borders of the oceans. I'm going to say that Panama is not a correct answer because the Panama Canal is not part of any ocean, and therefore to see both oceans from Panama you would have to see across the whole country. Likewise for Colombia. That leaves Argentina and Chile. Some people would say that they dont count either because what was once the extreme south Pacific and south Atlantic has now been renamed as the Southern Ocean, and therefore there is no border here. But the Southern Ocean, being defined by water temperature and currents rather than by landmass boundaries, is the only ocean whose borders change every month, and therefore I and many other people do not accept that it exists. Thus Chile and perhaps Argentina are the only correct answers in my mind.

Darren said...

If you see the answer I posted, it looks like a much shorter version of what you posted. Great minds must think alike!