Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Diversity At San Francisco State

The College Republicans provide what little diversity exists at SFSU, as the vast majority of the students and faculty are leftists.

At San Francisco State, which has a long and storied history of activism and a diverse and liberal student body, the College Republicans stand out. While the scene at the table last month was tame, some of the group's past events have been anything but: A bake sale to support a wall at the Mexico border, an anti-terrorism rally that invited students to throw a shoe at a Hamas flag and a victory party for George W. Bush's re-election in 2004 all drew heated protests.

No doubt the SFSU College Republicans are a "hate group". How far do we have to read to get close? How about the next paragraph:

"I'd like to see the school re-establish that line between making a political statement and defaming someone's religious, sexual or moral beliefs," said Anthony Aboujaoude, president of the San Francisco State Muslim Student Association.

You can also read about how the group has been attacked, physically, during its activities.

An receiving the award in Orwellian Doublespeak today is SFSU spokesperson Ellen Griffin:

"Disagreements, expression, exploration of ideas and debate are in fact central to universities - and activities highly valued at S.F. State," university spokeswoman Ellen Griffin said in an e-mail. "We teach our students to aspire to civil and responsible free speech that reflects tolerance, mutual respect and values of equity and social justice."

In other words, "we want all our students to feel free to believe and speak whatever they want, as long as they agree with us." Of all the individuals quoted in this article, do you know which one (outside of the College Republicans) comes across as the most reasonable? The president of the College Democrats. When that group is the most reasonable of the campus lefties, you can imagine what the atmosphere on that campus is like.

San Francisco is such a beautiful place--from a distance.

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Greg said...

Actually, if the school made the distinction demanded by the head of the Muslim Student Association, he and his group would be expelled from the campus. After all, they engage in regular acts of anti-Semitism when protesting against Israel, and he himself just defamed the religious, secual, and moral beliefs of the CRs.