Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Jump In Readership!

For well over a year now I've plateaued at 400-500 hits a day on this blog, but this week I've had 500-600 hits a day. Not bad! What would account for the jump in readership? Is it some discovery of my brilliant writing style? My witty commentary?

No. A large percentage of hits this week are all going to this post.



KauaiMark said...

While my blog gets only the daily hit rate of 10% of yours, a good number of the search hits land here.

Curiously, most of the hits come from the middle east and India. I think they must be pretty disappointed with what they find.

I'm now being more selective when picking titles for posts these days.

Mrs. C said...


I get a lot of hits for my infant's "smelly toe" picture and a post I did on a news story about "porno bears" and grandma.

You'd really be surprised how many people hit "porno granny" on their search engines and wind up on my blog.

Oh! Another biggie is tri-cornered hatmaking. Who knew so many people wanted to make tri-cornered hats??

Ellen K said...

There are certain things that just attract some people. And most of them are unsavory.

PeggyU said...

Just don't use the words "tea bag"! By the way, doing searches for "Mona Lisa" and for "yo yo" can be dangerous, we discovered. I had no idea a toy could share a name with an alternative lifestyle.

Stopped Clock said...

I'm not sure how the hit counter works, but it's possible that it's being greatly exaggerated by people like me who use RSS feeds. For example, every time I mouseover my list of blogs, it loads every post on every one of them so I can see if there's anything new. But, it is possible that blogger is smart enough to not count this as a "page hit" unless I actually follow through and click one of them. I think this is probably the case, as I would otherwise be probably contributing 100+ hits a day just by idly checking my bookmarks.