Monday, April 20, 2009

What A Way To Start The Day

This email was waiting for me when I got to school today. It's from the parent of a former student of mine, a parent I spoke to at Open House a couple weeks ago. Of course I'm removing the name of the student involved.

[Former student] came home for 10 days during Passover (the advantage of going to Brandeis--they get Jewish holidays off) and I mentioned that you'd said hello. She asked that I be sure to tell you how much she appreciated your kindness and your sincere interest in TEACHING. [Former student is] not innately mathematical, but was able to understand the concept somewhere between your third and fourth different approaches to teaching it; she points out that you respected your students and cared that they learned. May the pain of beating your head against the wall of imbecilic oversight be alleviated by the truth that at least many of your students are ready and willing to learn from you. Thank you for all your efforts.

Upon reading that this morning I decided that I should probably go home, because the day couldn't possibly get any better after reading that!


Fritz J. said...

Did your feet ever hit the ground for the rest of the day? Congratulations. That's what it is all about.

KauaiMark said...

One of those cancels ten complaints of "Do we have to"'s

Darren said...

Actually, I learned the opposite in the Army: One "aw, crap" gets rid of 10 "attaboys".

PeggyU said...

Too funny! Still, a little appreciation goes a long way.