Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheerleading Coach Poses Nude, Gets Fired

I have an issue with public employees' being fired for doing things that are not illegal. That's too easily abused.

I don't think it's exceptionally smart to pose for Playboy when your day job is high school cheerleading coach, but I'm not sure it merits being fired, either.

She posed nude and now she is out of a job. CBS13 went to Casa Robles High School to find out about the cheerleading coach turned Playboy centerfold.

"The girls are supposed to look up their coaches," says one concerned parent.

She bared all, all over the internet. Casa Robles High School officials in Orangevale confirm with CBS13 that their girl's cheerleading coach, Carlie Christine, was the one who posed nude in a playboy centerfold.

Christine is also Playboy's 'cyber girl of the week'...

What apparently uncovered the coach was when some girls didn't make the cheerleading squad because they had a few unexcused absences from school. Their parents then made copies of Christine and dropped the pictures on the principal's desk.

Girls and their vendettas.


Ellen K said...

First of all, (insert gratuitous cheerleader assumption here). Is this woman totally stupid? Or is it that such actions are so common in certain segments of our society that people are just insensitive as to the offensive nature of such actions in context with their job? I think the same disconnect comes when you read these stories about male and female teachers having sex with their students. Do these idiots really not see the nature of their acts? Or have they been raised so much in the me first, self gratification mode of existence that nothing is wrong AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT? It's similar to the idiocy in Plano ISD where middle school students wouldn't get zeroes for failure to do homework or for cheating. If there is no penalty, is it even worth doing? And if there is no penalty, then why not do whatever you want? This also touches on the whole desensitization of college students towards pornography by allowing it to be shown as entertainment on college campuses. What next? Dorms/brothels? Opium dens? I mean, if rules mean nothing, and standards don't apply, why should we even bother to show up in the morning?

Darren said...

What *rule* was broken here?

To me this is in the same league as the "buttprint artist":

mazenko said...

In terms of rules, many districts reasonably have an ethics/behavior clause in which employees can be dismissed for behavior that reflects negatively on the district. Teachers are, and probably should be, held to a higher moral standard because, unlike Charles Barkley, they are role models, and they do, in many ways, get paid to "raise your kids."

Conservatives Mike Rosen of KOA in Colorado and Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post argued that, regardless of the plagiarism, Ward Churchill should have been fired from his job because his 9/11 reflected negatively on the institution, and because he is a public employee, he is responsible to society and taxpayers in a way private sector workers aren't. An odd argument from conservative/libertarians, but a valid point nonetheless.

Outside of that philosophical explanation, I agree with Ellen. Is this woman nuts? Being fired for stupidity is almost logical.

MiaZagora said...

As a parent, if found out that my child's teacher/coach posed nude for Playboy or moonlighted as a stripper or any such thing, I would be upset. As a coach, she has contact with these girls for several hours per day during the week, as well as some time on the weekends. What she did isn't harmless.

Yes, people have a "right" to live their lives outside of their jobs, but actions have consequences. If she worked in Hollywood, this would only boost her career. Unfortunately for her, she chose teaching kids. If she wants to get naked for a living, she needs to change professions.

Huston said...

How did these girls--and thei rparents--know about her posing? Was the teacher bragging about it? Did it slip? Linked on her Facebook? Did a close colleague leak it out? Did a student's dad make a fortuitous "discovery?"

This all might not change anybody's bottom line, but it would shed a lot of light on this.

Jenna said...

My only problem with this is how easy it is to fire a teacher for posing nude (legally); yet when they are inept as teachers it takes months to years to get rid of them.

MikeAT said...


She was still on her probationary period, so she is an “employee at will”. She can be fired for any reason until she’s off probation and has civil service status. That’s when it’s almost impossible to fire someone.

Demps said...

Jenna's on target here: "My only problem with this is how easy it is to fire a teacher for posing nude (legally); yet when they are inept as teachers it takes months to years to get rid of them."

This woman did nothing illegal and, to my knowledge, nothing any more lewd than what any of us does when we get into the shower. She was smart enough to get paid for it. If we're going to play the "role model" card let's ensure that no teachers are ever seen smoking or consuming alcohol, either of which is against the law for minors in various jurisdictions. We allow kids to stroll around with the crotch of their pants dragging the ground and enough metal in their faces to set off a metal detector, yet we persecute a teacher for striking a pose. Reality check: schools have bigger fish to fry with drugs, gang activity, kids smoking, kids thinking that looking like a street punk is cool, disappearing PE classes, etc., none of which can be traced back to this woman posing nude for a magazine. Drop the self-righteous veneer and get over yourselves.

Darren said...

Demps, whom are you addressing in your final comment? I hope it's just "education people" in general, not me in particular.

Demps said...

Darren writes, "...whom are you addressing in your final comment? I hope it's just 'education people' in general, not me in particular."I've come to know you too well to consider you self-righteous, Darren.

Darren said...

I'm glad we've cleared that up.

Students today told me this woman was hot :-)