Monday, February 25, 2008

Teacher Sends Sexual IM's To Students

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there's very little that's appealing, and nothing that's sexually appealing, about junior high students. So this just makes me go "ew".

Authorities say a middle school math teacher in Forest Hills, Queens, is accused of sending sexually explicit instant messages to eight boys.



Anonymous said...

when i arrived home my child a former student of this teacher told me of the acusations. i was digusted and very upset to learn of this intolerable behavior and hopr that this will urge the board of education to monitor there employees constantly on an ongoing basis and before employment. also of mention was the awards as a great teacher that he received while employed.

Darren said...

How would you expect the school district to monitor the instant messaging behavior of employees?

Ellen K said...

When my son was in high school, his girlfriend had an English teacher that was very familiar in an inappropriate way with female students in his class. My son would come home seething with reports of what the man would say while girls entered the room. Right before graduation, they found him in a car in a very compromising position with a sixteen year old student. I would caution ANY young person who teaches high school that they should not even remotely think they can get away with this behavior because kids talk. Of course, back in the day, teachers paid their dues in elementary and middle school before they were considered experienced enough to teach high school. With the provocative way kids are these days, maybe we should consider a return to that (I have to admit, I could never ever ever teach middle or elementary school-I would go nuts....)

Mrs. C said...

Aw, there are quite a few Junior High kids I genuinely like and want to spend time with. Just not like that!