Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Only A Leftie Could Think This Way

A couple members of the Berkeley city council are trying to backpedal from last week's vote, however slightly, due to overwhelming negative national response.

(Councilmembers) Capitelli and Olds have introduced a new resolution that will modify those passed last Tuesday, Capitelli said.

The new resolution will rescind the recommendation in the original item that asks the city manager to send letters to the recruiters saying they're unwelcome, Capitelli said.

This item comes after nationwide response against the city's original resolutions. This includes United States Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., saying he will introduce legislation to strip $2.3 million in earmarked spending for at least six Berkeley projects from a Senate appropriations bill.

In response, Mayor Tom Bates issued a statement Friday saying that the city's opposition to the center did not mean the city failed to support servicemen.

So how exactly, Mr. Mayor, does the city support servicemembers? How do the city's recent actions support servicemembers?

That mayor is an ass. Not a very logical thinker, either.


allen said...

> So how exactly, Mr. Mayor, does the city support servicemembers?

By abandoning his courageous stand the second there's anything worthwhile at stake.

The mayor illuminates the quality of the opposition to the war. Yes, you can find opponents who are willing to put themselves at risk but for many, most?, it's just a form of entertainment and not worth an real risk.

It's all just an amusement park ride - the illusion of courage due to the absence of any risk - and the mayor helps clarify the point.

nebraska girl said...

To her credit, Councilwoman Olds did vote against the resolution telling the recruiting office that it was unwelcome.