Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liberals In General, Academics In Particular

All across the country, there are professors who push for keeping military recruiters off campus and for banning ROTC. Apparently if they don't like the military, then other people -- such as students -- should not be allowed to make up their own minds whether they want to join or not.

Liberals in general, and academics in particular, like to boast of their open-mindedness and acceptance of non-conformity. But they mean not conforming to the norms of society at large.

They have little or no tolerance to those who do not conform to the norms of academic political correctness. Nowhere else in America is free speech so restricted as on academic campuses with speech codes.

Thomas Sowell.

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Anonymous said...

I find what is currently taking place in Berkley, and other college campuses around the nation troubling. I fail to see how the act of military recruiting is wrong in any manor. Large companies send their representatives, so why not the government. Maybe the fact that so many academics in the college ranks have never had a real job, nor have they ever served in the military gives them a false perception of what the military is and what it stands for. The military promotes leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, management skills, etc. Serving our nation is ones best way at giving back to a nation that has given so much.

Of course, the worst situation is in the city of Berkley, one that I have always enjoyed going to and hanging out with friends that have attended the university. They believe that the United States Marines are not welcome in their city, and should not be allowed to recruit. Funny thing is that once national attention was brought to the matter and federal dollars were at stake, they changed their tune. Sounds like a run of the mill coward to me. If they so believe in their cause, then why not fight it. Oh wait, thats what the Marines and our other soldiers do. Take on adversity and win. Hate to say this but the level of hypocrisy in Berkley is amazing. Have they forgotten that it is the American soldier that gives them the right to their protest and free speech? Think about this, if Berkley were to be attacked (hopefully this would never happen) by a terrorist cell who do would they call on for protection. Thats right, the US military whom they dislike so much. They drive me crazy with their rhetoric. They say we are not against the Marines, but against what they do. Look you are either for them or against them. If you are against your rights being protected from all enemies both foreign and at home, then thats fine leave. Go to Cuba I hear its nice this time of year.