Sunday, February 24, 2008

Global Warming (Put On Your Coat)

Australian blogger Kerplunk (see blogroll) is among the most rational and thoughtful of the "deniers" of global warming. Whereas I usually just poke my finger in the eye of the Church adherents, and perhaps mock a bit, he does yeoman's work gathering information and interpreting data.

Today he has a lengthy post, much of the information coming from the UK's Daily Mail paper.

If the cognitive dissonance gap between global warming rhetoric and real world observation is not the greatest in living memory then I want to know what is.

A negative annual temperature trend per year since 1998 seems to have gone unnoticed by the Climate Faithful for whom the term 'inconvenient truth' has already been co-opted by their side.

He goes on to mention the record snowfall in disparate places around the world.

Worst for 50 years? Yes. Did the climate models predict this? No. No matter, though. As long as the Climate Faithful can impose more government into our lives then reality can be blissfully ignored.

More to chew on.


Ellen K said...

So long as you have people who are willing to politicize situations to their own advantage, you will have these types of things happening. Nobody bothers to read the fine print. They just take things on the word of someone they "trust". Isn't this how people ended up with home loans that they couldn't afford?

orominuialwen said...

I certainly picked the right year to leave Wisoconsin to go to school in Florida. The snowfall record in my hometown was obliterated several weeks ago, and it has continued to do nothing but snow (86.7" as of Friday, with another 5-7" expected on Monday). The normal season for snowfall generally lasts until sometime in April, so they're sure to get more. On top of that, they've had dozens of days below zero and school was canceled twice in the space of a week earlier this week, something that NEVER happens in my old school district.

And yet, people back home are still trying to claim that it's all because of global warming. I think my hometown could use a little bit of global warming right about now!

I'm just immensely grateful that I got to trade Southern Wisconsin for Southern Florida!

KauaiMark said...

It's not "global warming" anymore. It's now "global climate change".

That way the eco-terrorists can always be "right".

Now if the climate ever STOPPED changing, then I'D be really worried!!!

Ronnie said...

Wow a guy who doesn't cite his sources or understand the term "average" since I don't know of anyone who thinks that in every location the temperature will increase.

Eric W. said...

While my girlfriend was in Chicago over break, she saw this mug and got it for me:

She said it reminded her of my dad.

Here's a link to his blog, in case you were curious:

Darren said...

I went, I saw, I commented.