Friday, February 22, 2008

Cat Fight on the Big Yellow Bus

Charges may be forthcoming after a fight involving a Higley Unified School District bus driver and three teenagers that was captured on a security video, authorities said.

This FoxNews story has a link to the video and audio from the school bus security camera. All I can say is wow.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Wow! I had a flashback to my police days. It is one of the particular joys of police work trying to sort out these kinds of brawls. It's amazing how many stories can be told about the same incident. The video certainly makes it easier. I don't envy the police having to sort this mess out. Parents who weren't there but know that their babies didn't do anything are a severe pain in the ***.

Scott McCall said...

i was in the same situation in middle school. except it was the kids fault. kid fights on bus, bus driver instructs him to sit in front..he refuses so he wants off bus, bus driver wont let him off, driver calls security,kids tries to pull emergency lever to open doors and gets caught, kid tries to escape through window...gets stuck....he then sits down, we get to school with cops waiting for him.....never saw him afterwards.

Ellen K said...

For what they are paid, bus drivers have the worst job. The kids won't mind them and when you are confronted by a situation where the underage student demands to get off the bus, you are damned if you do, damned if you don't Worst case scenario, something happens to the kid and the driver gets blamed. There's no question that the girls was defiant, and that in itself should get her kicked off the bus service-or at least that is what would happen in my district. Maybe if mom and dad have to wake up and drive lil darling every morning and pick her up every afternoon, they would change their support for her behavior. The mother of the girl who intervened to "help her friend" is absolutely enabling such gangster behavior and needs to pull her head out before her daughter gets into a real gang situation. The person, after the driver, that I feel sorriest for is the driver's daughter who was trying to get the girls to back off of her mom. Working at a school that your kids attend sets them up for enough problems. I hope they kick the perpetrator out. But I am afraid they will fire the driver instead. What a shame.

Mrs. C said...

I'd be firing the driver. She's the adult, and it sure looks like she touched the kid FIRST. Better to just radio in security and stay put. Anything the kid does that is physical would be on tape, and you'll be covered if she "escapes."

That being said, it is dopey in the extreme to transport 60 kids in a bus and NOT have an aide. The driver really is being hired to watch the road and to drive well. She or he should NOT be expected to be a "people person" and a disciplinarian as well.