Sunday, September 25, 2005

Three Completely Unrelated Links

Women significantly outnumber men on America's college campuses. Affirmative action for men, anyone? click

There's a blog movement called Porkbusters, which encourages people to identify porkbarrel spending in their own congressional districts and to lobby their congressman to "give up the pork" as a way to help pay for Gulf States' hurricane damage without putting the federal government into even further debt. Again, this is supposed to be pork barrel spending, not genuinely useful and justifiable federal spending. The author of this post attacked the entire federal budget. Anyone could argue any specific portion of this proposal, since each of these cuts has a constituency, but the only proposal which met with a "Oh HEYALL no!" from me was the one pertaining to National Parks and the like.

And here, the author took a look at Markos "Screw Them" Zuniga's suggestions on "do's and don't's" for his fellow lefties at this weekend's Mama Moonbat rally, and showed that people didn't much follow Kos' advice.


Cameron said...

Also, Asians now outnumber whites at UC colleges.

Darren said...


I'm telling you, affirmative action is the way to go.

K said...

I've seen this "Mama Moonbat" epithet on your site a couple time snow. I assume that you're referring to Ms. Sheehan. If this was a private forum, I just might say a few unflattering things about her --- but it's not, and that's why it slightly upsets me that you call her that. I know it's your blog and you can do what you want, but this is a woman who lost her son in war. Whatever you or I or anyone may think of her actions recently, I would think that you of all people would respect her sacrifice at least. or do you think the only vets and families of KIAs we should admire are those who agree with us?

Darren said...

I'm sensitive to the feelings of parents who have lost a child. My own parents have lost a son. But they haven't gone out and made idiots of themselves in their grief.

I value the sacrifice her son made. But she's a nut. Even the rest of her family doesn't agree with her and have said so publicly. She has chosen to make herself a media and political figure and has therefore chosen to take the slings and arrows that go with such a figure. Her positions (fighting for Israel, occupying New Orleans, etc) are those of a stark raving mad moonbat, and I'm gonna call her on it.

The loss of her son doesn't give her a pass to be free from criticism for her words and actions.

Darren said...

The last picture and caption shows some other people who have lost family members in the war, and they're not heaping dishonor on the memories of their loved ones.

K said...

The loss of her son doesn't give her a pass to be free from criticism for her words and actions.

Well, of course not, but I thought it might give her a little leeway on outright mockery.

I saw the pictures and captions. Again, these are people that you agree with. But you respect the rights of other vets' families to speak their minds, too, right?

Don't get me wrong. I agree with you about those outrageous positions. But I think that Rush Limbaugh-style labelling and mockery does a disservice to all those who support the armed services.

Darren said...

The fact that I agree with the people in the Instapundit picture isn't very relavent. What is relavent is that they've lost someone, too, and aren't saying maniacal things while trying to shield themselves with their so-called grief. Occupied New Orleans? Please.

We'll just disagree on whether or not she's earned mockery.

She has done much more a disservice to her son's memory than I have done to her.