Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Links To Nudity!

Here are more pictures of naked people protesting the President. I didn't understand the point of doing that until one reader commented: The purpose of such protests is to offend and not to persuade.


This link contains links to pictures of what little boys would call "nekkid ladies" showing off their ta-ta's to protest the President. Please do not view these pictures if you are offended by large, saggy breasts. Please do not view these pictures if your mommy will get her panties in a bunch knowing that you got to those pictures through a link from a link from this site (that is, twice removed).

Hopefully that provides enough of a disclaimer.

Long-time readers (at least those who have been here since July 2005!) will understand why I wrote my disclaimer the way I did. If you don't, please read this post followed by this one. Little RotLC history here :-)

1 comment:

EdWonk said...

My Gawd! You must be stopped before you totally confuse all of America's hormone-charged adolescent males. That one holding the sign saying "Torture is Indecent" is saying so much more than she knows... Much more of this and the survival of the human species may be in doubt....