Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Relief

If you want to have some choices in charities to help out the Katrina victims, look at Glenn's post here. You'd be amazed at the sheer number of charities available.

I just spent a large amount of cash upgrading the house I've purchased. Funds are low, and I won't see a paycheck until the end of September. I usually don't donate to relief efforts. But I'm going to this time.

I have a friend from New Orleans.


Bored Huge Krill said...

wholeheartedly agree. Donations of cash are needed here, RIGHT NOW. I sent mine to the Red Cross ( It takes *less than 5 minutes* to send a credit card donation via their website. Do it now.

This is a bigger disaster than 9-11 - and that is not just hysterical hyperbole. It really is, in any way measurable. The situation in New Orleans is just apocalyptic.

Bored Huge Krill said...

forgot to add - I hope your friend in New Orleans is ok...


Darren said...

Actually, he's *from* New Orleans but is now a Houston cop--and I think he's in the Middle East with his army reserve unit! I'm hoping *his* extended family is ok.