Saturday, September 17, 2005

Glad I Went To British Columbia When I Did

Tipped off by Instapundit I went here, to learn:

Vancouver — A silent tectonic event, so powerful it has shifted southern Vancouver Island out to sea, but so subtle nobody has felt a thing, is slowly unfolding on the West Coast.

Scientists who are tracking the event with sensitive seismographs and earth orbiting satellites warn it could be a trigger for a massive earthquake -- some time, maybe soon.


Polski3 said...

A friend of my brother in law in Sac. who is a geologist says pretty safe regarding earthquakes. However, there are levee's along the Sac. River. Is your 'new' house in a potential flood zone?

Darren said...

There are levees along both the Sacramento and American Rivers. I'm almost 10 miles from the nearest river so I'm fine. But the school at which I teach backs up to one of the levees :-)

I felt an earthquake here in Sacramento once. I was asleep in my waterbed, and the shock wave of an earthquake in Mammoth Lake (on the other side of the Sierra, several hours drive away)went through the water--I was startled awake because it felt like someone standing at the end of my bed had pushed down violently to make a wave. A most interesting sensation! Had it not been for the wave in the water I doubt I'd have felt anything.