Thursday, September 08, 2005

Debate On Another Blog

A fellow Sacramentan, Miller's Time, linked to this post about Sacramento's solution to flooding. A one-time commenter here at RightOnTheLeftPost, Progressive Pete (Paul), decided to take some pot shots at yours truly. Go check out the debate, if such things interest you.


Bored Huge Krill said...

I read through the posting and (some of) the comments. Thanks for the link - interesting blog. Note, that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with everything expressed there, but, as I think you should know by now, I don't restrict my reading to "stuff I'm likely to agree with".

I have to say, I don't get Paul's reasoning at all. If you feel a strong involvement in the history of your city, and feel like showing other people around as a guide and telling them what you think, do it. And good for you.

By the way, Portland, OR, has its very own "undergroud" with an extremely interesting history. It's not a very pretty history, either. Pretty repugnant actually - but it's there and important to learn about. I did a tour with a local historical enthusiast a while back. Absent people like that (and you), access to, and preservation of, that history most likely wouldn't happen, and that would be a terrible shame.


Phyllis S said...

Like Krill said, what's up his butt?

Darren said...

And obviously, I don't restrict comments here only to people who agree with me. If I did that I'd have some wonderful cheerleaders--but very few readers! He posted here several times, and the last time I deleted his comment because he went *way* too far past the line of civility after several warnings. Such "censorship" caused him not to come back, or if he does, not to identify himself.

So Krill, what's the story on the Portland underground?

EdWonk said...

I always wondered who "Progressive Pete" was. Mystery solved.

MsKittyKat said...

People seem to be taking the opposite view on Paul's site. Oh well, shows party allegiance I guess. I have to say that I tended to agree with Paul but, as I said on his site, they both came across as stuck up. But I, and this is my opinion, thought Darren came off worse. But still, not their finest moment for both of them.

Darren said...

As the old saying goes, where you stand depends on where you sit.