Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Conspiracy Theories

The following email exchange took place between a fellow West Point graduate and me, regarding the theories that the levees in New Orleans had been deliberately blown:

It's a complex, sordid tale, involving the NO city government, the Chicago mob, the Freemasons, the Bush Crime Family, ancient artifacts smuggled out of Iraq by the LANG, Huey Long, the JFK investigation, Columbian Drug lords, the House of Windsor, Atlantis, the Swedish Bikini Team, Herbert Hoover, Haitian Voodoo Rituals, Bill Clinton, Mena Airport, Castro, The Cult of Mithras, the Spanish Bourbons, the lost treasure of Jean Lafayette, Walt Disney, a lost set of Mardi Gras beads, the TV show "Cops", Chiang Kai-Chek, illegal gambling, oil, ancient Egyptian crocodile cults, desecrated graveyards, a gypsy curse, Russian weather control machines, CBS's cancellation of all "rural" shows in 1971, and Jerry Springer.

I state as given fact that the House of Windsor is *not* involved.

I should have been clearer. By "House of Windsor", I meant the British Royal Family, not a necktie shop or the guy in Cal. who makes Windsor chairs.

And I think the Royal connection is obvious, given the connections they have with the Freemasons, MI-6, Columbian drug cartels, the assassination of Princess Di, the creation of Wahabi Islam, and a national cuisine that makes MREs seem positively gourmet by comparison.

Amateur. That's just what they *want* you to think.

On the contrary, they *want* you to think that is what they want you to think. That way, you will think the truth is a deception, and thus be deceived into seeking truth down a false path. But if you realize that they want you to think that they want you to think the truth is deception, then you won't be deceived and will think what you want to think, which is not the same as what they want you to think is what you want to think. Because what they want you to think you want to think that is what they want you to think, but you really want to think that they don't want you to think that is what they want you to think. That way you will not be tricked into thinking what they want you to think, and you will be able to think clearly.

At that point I surrendered. He obviously knows more about the tinfoil hat crowd than I do :-)


Walter E. Wallis said...

...or it could have been a seep that washed out the under pinning, but naw, that is too hard to swallow.

Darren said...

Walter, you *did* catch that both of us were engaging in a bit of humor, didn't you?

Actually, I've heard that a runaway barge caused the breach, not any fault in the levee itself.

Ronnie said...

Hey you forgot about the Sons of Liberty still being around running a shadow government. I mean, come on, anything not including that isn't worth reading. It seems like we have quite a few people for the club, I need to talk to you about what I'm allowed to show though, I don't really want to break any rules, but the show is rated PG so I doubt it could be too bad to show, but they really push the loop holes in the FCC regulation. I'll see if I can swing by your class tomorrow at break or something.