Monday, July 19, 2021

Next Phase

After enjoying Albuquerque, I made it to Colorado Springs in time for my son's 25th birthday.  Here's a picture of him, my mother and me:

And in what was the quirkiest of fates, the parents of a former student of mine, a student who eventually graduated from the Air Force Academy, saw me on Instagram and invited me over--because they now live in Colorado Springs!  Mike and Cris, thank you for the hospitality:

Then it was off to Denver, where I spent a day and a half with a friend of mine since high school.  I left this morning, and after a solid day of driving, camp is now set up at the Three Flags RV Park just outside of Rapid City.  I have a free day tomorrow to go have some fun, then Freedom Fest 2021 starts on Wednesday!

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