Saturday, July 31, 2021

Media Bias

This should be all the evidence you need:

Update, 8/2/21:

Update #2, 8/3/21:

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Ellen K said...

You can do the same thing with local TV channels. The top three stories are all the same-even some of the phrases are the same. For example in DFW, the top three stories today were COVID cases increase, there's a lack of 911 dispatchers, hospitals are overloaded. These narratives are being used to support return to masking-they moved the level from orange to red even though the last time we were at red levels we had three times as many cases. They are using this to dismiss concerns about rising crime. And, they are using the last one to shame medical staffers who refuse to get vaccinated. I've worked in news and what we're seeing in uniform propaganda. There are few actual reporters anymore. And this is why platforms like Twitter and FB get so upset when alternative views are posted. We are being manipulated and I don't like it.