Sunday, December 08, 2019

Unhappy With Their College Major

Is anyone surprised by the majors on this list?
After adding in satisfaction, stress level and job opportunities, among other factors, jobs marketplace ZipRecruiter found that the majors college students most regretted choosing spanned the arts and sciences.

English, communications, biological sciences and law all made the list, according to ZipRecruiter’s survey of more than 5,000 college graduates who were looking for a job.

I don't want to be on the hook for these people's choice of major.  I am absolutely against absolving people of their student loans.  Rewarding bad behavior doesn't make good economic sense.


EdD said...

I majored in German Literature and English with a minor in Linguistics and never had a problem finding a job as a teacher. I taught for 25 years on both the high school and college levels, worked as a simultaneous translator in German and a newspaper copy editor. I don't regret my academic preparation for a minute.

Darren said...

I'm glad you're one of the 58%!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised by the inclusion of biology; that's not necessarily an easy major by any means and it attracts a lot of smart folks.

Anonymous said...

There's a surplus of STEM majors, but businesses still want to find a minimum wage STEM major. Are there masters willing to earn minimum wage?