Thursday, August 30, 2018

Housing Students

The 3rd Amendment to the Constitution prevents the quartering of soldiers in private houses.

UC Santa Cruz is asking faculty and staff to  quarter students in their houses:
The Bay Area’s housing crisis is hitting local colleges, too.

Facing a shortage of housing for people who want to live on campus as the start of the fall quarter looms, UC Santa Cruz sent an email this week to faculty and staff asking them to open their homes to students.
You've got to be kidding.

To me, this is simple.  If you can't afford to attend a certain school, choose one you can afford to attend.  Be sure to factor housing into your budget.

See?  Simple.

And don't whine back to me about not being able to attend certain so-called elite schools, either.  First off, Santa Cruz isn't an elite school.  Second, you can get a good education anywhere if you apply yourself to that goal.  And no, no one is entitled to attend Santa Cruz.  This state already provides no-out-of-pocket-cost education to everyone, non-citizens included, for 13 years.  You don't have a "right" or an "entitlement" to get higher education.  If you can't afford a certain school, pick another one.  I don't know why the mere thought of that is anathema to some people.


Pseudotsuga said...

Ah, but Darren, everybody knows that a degree from the *best* schools automatically wins. A BA from IvyLeagueU is much more valuable than a BA from LocalState. And attending a cool school like UC Santa Cruz has been painted as a better experience than, say, UC Davis (interior valley = hot, boring, etc.)
I had a colleague a few years back with over 100 thousand in student loan debt, for 2 degrees: women's studies and religious studies. Where did she attend school? San Francisco, of course! Why wouldn't anyone want to live and learn in the Bay City?!
Unless, of course, one realized how stupidly expensive it would be to do that, and realized also the difficulty of paying off student loans with the kinds of jobs one can get with the listed degrees-- assuming one can get a job.

Ellen K said...

Will the university be compensating these professors for providing housing and board? I doubt it.