Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Are Your Remarks Racist or Sexist?

If you're a conservative or merely opposing a liberal, the answer is probably "yes" to both.  That's what I got out of this article :)
You are a decent and fair-minded person. You strive always to treat all people fairly and with dignity. In your heart of hearts, you know that you are not a racist, nor a sexist. But you also know that these are highly charged times. In spite of your pure heart and your very best efforts, you still fear that someone might unfairly accuse you of making a racist or sexist remark or slur. You want to avoid even the slightest appearance of engaging in racism or sexism.

And yet, it has become so complicated these days. Accusations fly everywhere, sometimes over words that to you seemed completely innocent. What to do? You need some guidance!

To help you, the Manhattan Contrarian has put together this weekend's Manhattan Contrarian Quiz. Take the Quiz. Study the answers. You will then know all there is to know about what is and is not racist and sexist in today's world.

The Quiz consists of ten questions, each of which is either an actual quotation or a hypothetical fact situation. For each question, you are to answer whether the posited fact situation or quotation does or does not demonstrate racism and/or sexism. Answers, and explanations, below the fold. One point for each correct answer!
When liberals call you a racist or a sexist, laugh at them. Mock them. Smile at them. It drives them crazy.

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Steve USMA '85 said...

I especially like the answers to questions 7 & 8. Sheez, no way to win this one in some people's eyes.