Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Exactly The Wrong Direction To Go

Not every person needs to go to college.

Let me restate that, with emphasis:  not every person needs to go to college.


Not only isn't college for everyone, it shouldn't be for everyone.  The only people who think everyone should go to college are people who have been to college.  Not every person wants or needs to go to college, not every job requires a college education, not every interest can be sated at college.

Yet, some refuse to accept anything other than "college for all".  New Mexico legislators are considering moving the state in exactly the wrong direction:
State lawmakers in New Mexico recently proposed a bill that would force high school students to apply for college unless they provide the government with alternative post-graduation plan.

House Bill 23, sponsored by Republican state representative Nate Gentry and Democratic state senator Daniel Ivey-Soto, would require high school juniors to “file an application with a college or show that the student has committed to an internship or apprenticeship or military service.”

Additionally, the bill mandates that local school boards must ensure that all students are “reasonably informed” about “the financial benefits of graduating a college and the availability of financial aid.”
We do such a disservice when we insist that high school students focus on college.  The message we send to those who don't go to college is that the very first adult decision they make is wrong, and that they've somehow failed.  What a terrible thing to tell the majority of students!  And what, they don't graduate if they don't file a college application (I'm sure the admissions officers will be happy with all the bogus apps they'll be getting), or commit to an internship, apprenticeship, or military service?  There's nothing else of value out in the world?

Those legislators are idiots, as is anyone who votes for that bill.


Steve USMA '85 said...

I think you hit the nail on the head at the end there. What is the punishment if the student doesn't file a plan? Talk about Big Brother too, the State decides what is a valid plan. Eventually if the state guv'mint changes enough maybe the military would no longer be an acceptable alternative? Sheez.

lgm said...

Big $$$ in it. Don't teach honors/AP in the high school and you get to charge for it at college. It adds two extra years of pay to play for many.