Saturday, July 22, 2017

She's Got A Lot of Nerve

If I had sex with a 16-year-old student, it's a certainty I'd get more than 180 days in jail:
A former teacher of the year who cheated on her firefighter husband with a 16-year-old student is now suing the teen for defamation -- from behind bars.

Tara Stumph, 36, who taught at Arroyo Grande High School in California is serving 180 days in San Luis Obispo County Jail for having sex with a 16-year-old student, according to The Tribune of San Luis Obispo.

But Stumph is now suing the student, claiming he damaged her reputation. Stumph’s counterclaim said the young man defamed the former teacher “to various classmates, family and other members of the community.”
She doesn't even have to register as a sex offender.  She should be counting her blessings rather than filing a lawsuit.


Ellen K said...

It has been my contention for a long time that female teachers who seduce young males essentially get away with a wrist slap. Oh sure, they're fired or sent away to another district, but seldom do they get the type of punishment they should get. We had two different teachers in back to back years with the SAME KID do this. The female students in their classes hated being in there because boys got away with murder. Morale for staff went in the toilet. And yet at the end of the year in both cases, even with ample evidence via text messages and eye witnesses-both teachers were simply non-renewed. I guess the education industry is so desperate they will permit very poor teachers to drift around from district to district while the rest of us have to live with rule implemented due to their illegal actions. But I feel so much better after reading this:
And yes, I was being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

A man would have to register as a sex offender. She had sex with a underage child. She also more than 15 years older. I believe in most states that is an additional crime.

Anonymous said...

So...if the victim was one year younger the following would apply:
Penal Code 288 (c)(1) was between the ages of 14 and 15, and the offender is at least 10 years older than the child – Penal Code 288 (c)(1)

Ellen K said...

In the cases at our school, the teachers were found out by the boy's girlfriend after he posted the entire text on Facebook. This was back when few teachers were on social media. The girl printed out the text, handed it to our principal and said "Do something about this." I was in the office when it happened. But because the boy's parents feared that opening up text messages might also show he was taking drugs, and because he was a state champion in his sport and heading to a big scholarship, no charges were pressed.

This is a sensitive topic for me because I was unfortunate enough to have to deal with Rudy Kos. He was the priest who married us. If you don't know that story, it is the one that kicked off world wide child abuse investigations against the Catholic church. I think child abuse is a big deal. And I don't think an abuser should get away with it because she's young looking, cute and blond.

Caroline said...

Yes. You are correct. However, the student (at age 16) is no "victim". It is time that they are also held accountable or that laws change.