Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The "logarithms" test is over--and yes, scores were such that in a few weeks, when we've completed the entire course curriculum, we'll do my "logarithm boot camp".  All tables, no calculators, kickin' it old school!  I have a 4-5 day course of instruction planned that, in years past, students have enjoyed. 

One student stayed after school today to talk about the test.  That got us to the topics in the boot camp.  That led to "other cool math", and I showed him a list of topics that would coalesce into a course I'd like to design and teach, one I'd call Higher Math Applications.

A couple of the topics would be in graph theory, so I gave him the Koenigsberg Bridge Problem.  We spent some time discussing it, I gave him some hints, and asked him to play with it a bit.  I showed him a couple other problems from graph theory; the problems are simple but the solutions are not!

Then it dawned on me--do I remember how to do all this?  I should review it just in case!  So before I start work on tonight's installment of my research paper, I'm going to break out my Discrete Optimization text and refresh my memory.

Because I know he'll ask me some questions tomorrow.

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