Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Game of Thrones

This past Saturday night I finished rewatching Season 5 of Game of Thrones, as Season 6 started Sunday night.  I've been pretty busy the last couple of evenings, but I think I'll go watch the season opener now.  I read about it today--believe it or not, people die in it!!!


t-bone said...

Big GoT fan here.

I had suspected that the Red Woman's youth and beauty were magically sustained.

So glad that something good happened to Sansa - she seemed like the eternal victim to me. Though I would not be surprised, as heart-rending as GoT can be, if Brienne ended up in Ramsey's clutches.

Darren said...

Sansa has been a whiney, snivelly, little so-and-so the entire show. Remember how obnoxious she was when she first met Joffrey and thought about being queen? When I think of all the people who've been offed in that show, yet she remains, ugh!

I hadn't considered Brienne and Ramsey. I think Ramsey is going to fall, especially if step-mom is carrying a boy.

I'm still rooting for Dani :-)