Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Good Deal

A friend and I are booked on a short "getaway" cruise this summer.  Today I got an email from some website or another, or perhaps a cruise app I have, that the fares had dropped on my cruise.  I had booked an "oceanview" cabin (has a non-opening porthole so you can see outside) but now, for just a couple days, balcony cabins cost less than my oceanview.

Believing the chances of things going 100% my way to be very slim, I still called Carnival and asked about the possibility of changing my reservation.  At first my "cruise specialist" couldn't find the same low balcony rate I was seeing on my own computer screen right in front of me, but eventually she did.  After disappearing for a couple minutes she came back and said that yes, I could change my reservation to a balcony cabin.  Not only that, but I saved $120 per person doing so and that money is being given to me as shipboard credit!

So, to summarize:  I'm paying $120 less (or getting $120 in additional goodies) and getting a balcony cabin.  Not a bad start to a Saturday!

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