Saturday, April 09, 2016

College For All

I wish that we in education would get past this absurd notion that everyone can, or should, go to college:
“College For All” . . . reinforces the ridiculous notion that college is for people who use their brains, and trade schools are for people who use their hands, writes Mike Rowe on Facebook. “As if the two can not be combined."
You want to read the whole thing.


Auntie Ann said...

The problem is really K-12. If it were successfully teaching more people than it currently does, students coming out of the system wouldn't have to prove with a BA that they actually know something.

K-16 would just extend the problem for 4 more years, and would allow K-12 to go right on failing. The opposite would probably be a better option: reduce K-12 to K-10, with the final 2 years being either college or job prep; but, that would only work if K-10 became what it should be with kids actually learning how to read, write, do basic life math, and knowing something about the world by age 16.

Pseudotsuga said...

Mike Rowe for President. That is all....