Saturday, September 12, 2015

Super Succinct Sentence on Sexism

Her whole day is full of oppression, microaggressions, and sexism.

Or is it?
Hey, Blake, here’s an idea: Maybe the reason people aren’t taking you seriously is because you seem weak, whiny, paranoid, and unable to handle anything without taking it so personally that you become too upset to function.
Such delicate flowers belong in a greenhouse, not in a university.


Ellen K said...

I read this column earlier in the weak. My comment is below the original post. I am so disgusted by the scapegoating nature of today's self proclaimed feminists. They are out to blame everyone except the woman in the mirror for their complaints. Dealing with this attitude in teen girls is especially exhausting. I am so frustrated by a few that I am almost decided to take a hit with early retirement and go find some mindless job that will make just enough to pay bills, not enough for me to be in the sights of the IRS. I am simply put, exhausted. And the current prevailing attitudes are driving it.

AnnaA said...

I wonder how she would react to real sexism, like women being treated in the work place differently than men at the same place. I see this at work where my boss, a woman, is sent to classes for self control, etc. while a man,(same level of management) exhibits worse behavior and nothing is done.