Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Renewing My Teaching Credential

This morning I received an email from myself--one that I sent 5 years ago from futureme.org.  I specifically sent it to be delivered today because of a problem I encountered 5 years ago.

See, my school district keeps track of all sorts of things about me, including when I need to get another tuberculosis test (every 4 years) and when I need to renew my teaching credential (every 5 years).  What's interesting is that they tell me when I need to get a TB test but don't tell me when I need to renew my credential.  They have people whose sole job it is to keep track of that, why can't they send me a reminder the way they do for the TB test?  Heck, even the DMV sends me a reminder when it's time to renew my driver's license!

Lots and lots of us were down to just a few days left before our credentials expired when finally someone at the district told us.  Yes, I understand it's my credential, yada yada, but again, the district has people whose sole job it is to track things like this.  Anyway, I had to jump through hoops and get a temporary credential, or an extension, or something, and then get the real thing.  This took a lot of time down at the district office after school and I didn't want to go through that again.

So I sent myself an email, to be delivered on September 1, 2015.  And I received it this morning.  So I just finished answering a bunch of questions online (no, I'm not being investigated for any felonies, and no, I've never been fired from teaching, etc), paid $102.50 with a credit card, and now I'm magically able to continue teaching for the next 5 years.  I'm still curious what that money is actually for....  Five years ago the fee was about $70. Go figure.


Mrs. Widget said...

Our small school district does okay. We get an email or two at the beginning of the school year, they expire Dec 31; of all who need to renew. Our state may be a little more than yours. We have to resubmit police check, child abuse form (that we have not been investigated), prove our professional development hours. Which are other fees on top. Some districts will pay for the renewal, some do not.
I had a time to renew since one year I did not work and did not have PD. Had to do some paperwork dances.

Left Coast Conservative said...

If the fee went into the state general fund, the extra dough probably went to servicing the bullet train bonds.

California: A Finger in Every Wallet.

I moved out last year, and i don't regret it.

Steve USMA '85 said...

The State has to pay for the high-speed train somehow Darren.