Saturday, September 05, 2015

I Hope They're Right

The Supreme Court has gotten the Obamacare cases wrong, I hope they rule correctly in Friedrichs v. CTA--and I hope the unions are right to be worried that the Supremes will do so:
Education unions want Gov. Jerry Brown to embrace a late-session measure they hope would shield them from possibly debilitating financial effects of a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision...

Up against the clock in the Legislature, the labor groups are pushing for a bill that could give unions some time – a half-hour – to meet with employees to voice the benefits of union participation. That, some believe, could prevent workers from fully withdrawing from their ranks if the court rules against fair share fees.
I would agree with this if, in the spirit of fairness and equal time, CTEN (or some similar group) was given time to discuss why teachers might consider leaving the union.

The fact that they the unions are doing this, though, shows that they're not representative of their members and that they survive only through the "fair share" compulsion allowed by the state.

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