Friday, November 23, 2007

Truer Words...

These words ring true, over 230 years after they were first written.

God and a Soldier all Men doth adore,
In time of War, and not before:
When the War is over, and all Things righted,
God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted.

The Democratic leadership in the Congress is, even now, trying to slight the soldier before the war is even over. What kind of Americans are they?


Anonymous said...

Ones that don't represent the left wing. Call us commie-loving America-haters all you want, but we're just as patriotic as any conservative is. In fact, you could even say that I support the troops more than your average right-winger (assuming the right winger believes that "supporting the troops" means keeping them in the Middle East) does. I want to bring them home...why, doesn't that mean that I want to bring them out of unnecessary harms way? Disagree with the justifications for the "War on Terror" in the Middle East, but you can't deny that caring the well-being of our teenagers and young adults of the armed forces is supporting the troops. And Patriotic.

Darren said...

I absolutely *do* deny it--because you don't care about the troops, only what they represent politically. You're not patriotic at all. You're part of the "Blame America First" crowd, and you want to see us lose that war for what you think will be your own political gain or vindication. You want us to lose the war they've sacrificed so much for while you sit back here in Fort Living Room, California, trying to *use* them to make points.

They've got more character in their index fingers than you have in your entire body, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

What a great quote. I can remember pre 9/11 attitudes towards my friends and I. Upon returning from overseas a few weeks after that terrible day, attitudes had totally changed. A lot of us felt that new found love of the American soldier was superficial. Not saying that there are not many citizens both democrate and republicans alike that care for and respect our soldiers, its just that it needs to be all the time not just when things are going bad or when we need them. I spent my time in the middle east, seen the way things really are and am tired of biased reports showing only the negative. Everyone that wants us to pick up and run needs to remember that freedom isnt free, and they should be thankful for the sacrifices made by our soldiers. Sua Sponte "on their own accord" our military is not one of draftees but purly voluntary. Our soldiers do their duties on their own accord not because some politician in Washington makes them.