Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Leftie's Mental Faculties Are Under Siege

The Siege (with Denzel Washington) is on television tonight, and I thought I'd look it up on IMDB and see the plot. Imagine my shock when I read the following user comment:

This film, made in 1998, is so close to the reality of Sept. 11, 2001 that it sends chills down your spine. Although events played out differently, so many elements in the film are near-mirror reflections of the reality. The attacks are carried out by Islamic extremists, whose core network were trained by the CIA, their attacks were dramatic and centered on New York City, there was little cooperation between, the FBI, CIA and military, and Arabs and Arab-Americans were rounded up in large numbers, or were subjected to harassment and violence. The images of bodies and debris are no less shocking than the sight of people jumping to their death from the World Trade Center. Torture was employed by US soldiers, in pursuit of terrorists. With all of that said, even had the attacks of Sept. 11th not occurred, this would still be a tremendous film.

The film delivers a cautionary tale about extreme reactions to terror and the loss of freedoms that can result from acting in anger, rather than with reason and law. The rounding up of citizens, as depicted in the film, and the declarations of martial law, are not that far away from the provisions of the Patriot Act, which violates First Amendment rights, the right to privacy, and the right to due process. The film suggests that by giving up these rights, or stripping them away, we become the very thing that our enemies claim we are. It suggests that that may be the terrorists true aim.

Near mirror reflections that played out differently? This sounds like the typical leftie belief that the narrative was correct, but the facts were wrong.

Gotta love that Patriot-Act-violates-the-1st-Amendment canard, as well as all the Arabs/Muslims the government "rounded up".

And remember, these are the people who refer to themselves as the reality-based community.

Update: I forgot to mention above that while The Siege may star Denzel Washington, it also displays the acting talents of one Mark Valley, a classmate of mine from West Point.

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