Monday, November 12, 2007

Not Everyone In Hollywood Is Nuts

Most, but not all.

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Lillian said...

This is so encouraging, Darren!
I plan to write Joel Surnow a letter of appreciation and support. Hollywood has been a hard place to survive for actors, singers, and those in the industry who are conservative, respect our President, understand the necessity of this war, appreciate our troops, and dare to call themselves Republicans. I've heard that 24 is an awesome show. I guess it's time to support it, and let Mr. Surnow know how much his wisdom is appreciated. While I welcome a Clinton/Obama ticket in as much as it will give the GOP a boost, I also have NEVER felt that Billary would make it to the White House (other than as a guest.
Additionally, he might have a point about her losing the nomination as well. Lest we forget, Billary has enemies within her own party, as much as she has them outside of her party. Just ask Gore, Edwards, and Kerry what they REALLY think about Billary...or better yet, ask their wives.