Saturday, February 03, 2007

Muslims and Education

A British teacher said that suicide bombers were Muslims, and was fired. I can't determine whether he was fired for being un-PC, which is a worse offense in Britain than in the US, or if he was fired because the school feared a backlash from a very peaceful (cough cough) community.

And if you think your kids are being indoctrinated by politically-minded teachers in their school, take a mental field trip to Iran:

Iran's schools are nurturing a siege mentality in children with textbooks showing preparations for war and depicting Israel and the West as the enemy, an Israel-based think tank said on Tuesday.

One textbook gave 13-year-olds a basic overview of light arms while one early reader book depicted the murder of a Palestinian toddler by an Israeli soldier, a survey by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) found.

"Iran's war curriculum is a danger to the world's peace and security. This is the way the books develop a siege mentality in the minds of the students," CMIP director of research Arnon Groiss told a news conference in Brussels.

And this comes from al-Reuters, not Fox News (so you lefties can believe it).

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs (which will be on the blogroll at left shortly) for both stories.


Anonymous said...

You're so dumb to call Muslims a non-peaceful community. Their religion is probably 100x more peaceful than anyone out there. The exception are the fanatics, and at that point, they're not even Muslims. So please, post with less arrogance.

Darren said...

While I understand your view, I don't share it. There aren't a lot of "communities" out there sawing off heads on the internet, threatening terrorist violence, and/or flying airplanes into buildings. I'd be more tolerant of Muslims as a whole if they were more vocal in speaking against this cancer in their midst. That they don't either means they're afraid--not a bright mark for Islam as a whole--or they tacitly agree, at least to some degree, with what's going on.

I recommend a trip over to Little Green Footballs. You'd probably call it a hate site. I call it a source of (mostly one-topic) information with links to mainstream media (and not crazy fringe organizations no one's ever heard of).

This threat is real. I won't keep my head in the sand out of some warped sense of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

Knowing many Muslims myself, I can tell you that some are very peaceful, and openly criticize the fanatics (that aren't Muslim). I don't mean to come of rude, but I take a slight offense to your generalizations. However, I too wish more Muslim leaders would speak out against it.

Sandy said...

Yikes! Just like the Japanese schoolbooks of the 1930's...

Anonymous said...

With a very few exceptions in world history, Islam is the only religion that has not outgrown a medievel, bloodthirsty phase. It has only suppressed it until about three decades ago. Unlike the Bible, the Koran specifically calls for the deaths and/or forcible conversion of unbelievers. Islam is a religion and a complete political/social belief system rolled into one, and while every religion has its radicals and moderates, how could any rational person--one who has not been, since birth, indoctrinated into a death cult--support what Islam currently is?

There are indeed Muslims who have accepted liberal democracy ala America, but their bretheren have not and will not, and it is their acts that will cause all to be judged. Ultimately, we must decide if America, if western civilization and all that it embodies is worth saving. If we so decide, we will need to fight a war of extermination against Islam so that Muslims around the world understand as the Germans and Japanese understood at the end of WWII that to try to destroy civilization will result in their deaths and the utter destruction of everyone and everything about which they care. We will need to do this because by the time we make this decision, years hence, only the most ruthless, savage and utterly destructive methods will have any hope of prevailing, all of the easier (there are no truly easy, safe solutions to the war imposed upon us by Islam), less costly methods have been bypassed in the name of tolerance, diversity and peace.

The alternative is that we commit cultural suicide and find ourselves under Muslim rule where the genitals of our daughters are mutilated, where scientific progress slows to a stop and where cultural progress regresses 1500 years. Welcome back to the Dark Ages.

Our "peaceful" Muslim neighbors had better do much more than express mild displeasure at beheadings and the murder of innocents. They might start by educating their children so that they don't grow up as murderous fanatics.

Darren said...

How sad it is that Muslim culture was thriving, flourishing, and being relatively tolerant of others when European culture was--well, I don't have a pithy descriptive phrase, but mud huts, fear, superstition, and gruel all come to mind. The Muslims had medicine, science, universities, and trade with distant lands.

Today, who looks to the Muslim world for anything positive?

How could they have fallen so far? I have an idea, but dang, you'd think they'd get over losing Iberia over 500 years ago.

Darren said...

Thank you for that enlightening, intellectual comment, anonymous, a comment that goes so far to advance a mature dialog.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I know a number of Muslims in real life who are completely adament about their "right" to never be disagreed with and who staunchly beleive that any criticism of their religion should be disallowed.

Yes, right here in the US. I even had the pleasure of living next to one for many years.

Their culture is sick, hopefully they'll be able to experience a reformation soon.