Friday, February 23, 2007

Dark Skin, Dark Times

The Civil Rights Movement in this country accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time. We've all heard of Little Rock, of Rosa Parks, of Dr. King, but there are other smaller, equally important stories.

This is one of them.

Update: What a coincidence that this story turns up on the wire services today.


Tully said...

Hmm, the intro on that AP/CNN story sounds familiar...

I'd complain (Ap, send money...) but I'm just happy to see more such stories making it into the light while those who lived them are still around to share them.

Thank you for linking to my post on the Dockum sit-in. If the tale inspires more people to find and learn and preserve the history of our nation and the people who have made it better, I'm all for it! Several classes have already used it to help increase interest in history, and my local school district has turned the Dockum story into a school play. (I don't know that they used my post as sourcing--the story was well-covered locally in the community before I posted.)

Darren said...

Some like to paint conservatives with a horrible, racist brush. I'm not sure how the lefties explain my admiration for what the Civil Rights Warriors accomplished. Heck, I've even recommended Dr. King's image be placed on the dime.

I'm no doubt still a racist, though.

But I'm glad to link to your story. It was not only valuable, but extremely well-written.