Sunday, May 15, 2005

More On Racial Discrimination

Joanne has a piece about racial discrimination--or, as it's been known since the Bakke case, reverse discrimination. It seems that the University of Oregon has reserved a majority of slots in some math and English classes for minority students. These particular classes have fewer students and provide more instructor-student interaction than would a standard course at the university.

Linda Liu, advising coordinator and academic adviser for OMAS, said the classes are meant to offer a safe haven for minority students and give struggling students a chance to work more closely with professors.

Diversity is obviously meant only for white people; evidently, the darker-skinned people are really only at these schools to serve as racial ambassadors for the white devils. I get so tired of this kind of crap. We bring in underprepared minority students into universities, create racially segregated dorms for them (Chocolate House is my favorite), create special classes for them, tell them they're threatened and need a "safe haven"--and then wonder why the cult of victimization continues to flourish.

We can segregate by race, but go nuts when people do it by gender? I'll bet John over at Discriminations (see my blogroll at the left)has some thoughts on this. Consistency is never a requirement for the left.

Update, 5/16/05 12:14pm: Kimberly at Number 2 Pencil says it best:

Why is the assumption here that minority students who are smart enough to go to college require a "safe haven" before they can perform the same classwork as other students? Will the next step be that such students require job set-asides so that they can be guaranteed of working in a "safe haven" and relieved of the responsibilities of having to work in the same structure as everyone else?

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