Sunday, May 15, 2005

From The "I Couldn't Have Said It Any Better Myself" Category....

John from Discriminations has this to say:

Ending judicial filibusters may or may not be wise, but the WaPo and many others have gotten themselves more worked up about the Senate rewriting its own rules -- which it clearly has the authority to do -- than they are when the courts rewrite the Constitution itself.


Fred said...

If I have it right (pardon the pun), the American electorate doesn't want the Senate to change the rules. (By a slim majority.) What I would do is ship up an ad that shows the flip-flop issue that clearly shows our Democratic friends simply cannot take a stand. Featured prominently in that ad would be Byrd. Put together some writings and old footage, and I think the tide would change overnight.

Second point - the Democrats have stated they would "shut down" the Senate. If we look back into recent history, Newt tried the same thing in the House. Result? He lost big-time in the polls.

Either way, the Democrats have put themselves in a no-win situation.

Darren said...

And Fred, I'm ok with that!