Saturday, May 21, 2005

Action Day For A Better California

In my mailbox at school yesterday was a flier announcing a rally at the Capitol this coming Wednesday. Apparently teachers, nurses, and firefighters are going to be protesting something. What? The flier doesn't say.

The flier covers both sides of a piece of paper, and 2/3 of the back side is a list of "Rally Chants". Yes, this is obviously where we get to show what professionals we are. It's apparent from these chants that we're protesting against Governor Schwarzenegger, but specifically which idea(s) of his is left to the imagination.

Chant One:
We don't know what you've been told
But a nurse you'll need if you get old.
We don't know what you've been told
But public workers carry a heavy load.
We don't know what you've been told
Teachers' classrooms should not be sold.
We don't know what you've been told
But we're together and WE are BOLD.

Brings chills to the spine, doesn't it?

How about Chant Two:
Nurses, Firefighters & Teachers know:
...Corporate money has got to go!!!
Nurses, Fire Fighters (sic) and Teachers know:
...Governor Schwarzenegger's got to go!!!
We are the people and we know:
...Governor Schwarzenegger's got to go!!!

Whoever is writing these isn't much for meter, is he?

My personal favorite, however, is the two-line Chant Eight:
Governor, Governor read our lips...
We say you should tax the rich.

Nope, no class welfare or socialism in these chants!

The front side of the flier gives a schedule of events as well as "before the rally" and "at the rally" instructions, like "dress casually and don't forget the sunscreen!" Sure, we'll have a bunch of slovenly-looking banshees screaming at the Capitol. That'll rally people to our cause, whatever our cause is. "Bring your own sign or poster. Keep to Alliance message." What is the Alliance message? I guess it's just anti-Schwarzenegger-or, more likely, anti-capitalist/anti-Republican/anti-American. "[T]his is a peaceful demonstration...Civil disobedience will not further our cause." Glad to get that out there. "If approached by media and asked to make a statement, refer them to the Press Table, near the stage." What's that line from Pink Floyd about thought control?

I'm considering going and taking my own sign, but I doubt it'll have an Alliance message on it. More likely mine will say "CTA: Funded by fiat, governed through tyranny" and on the other side "This TEACHER is a proud REPUBLICAN."

Another piece of info from the flier: "Do not be provoked by taunts or insults." I'll keep that one in mind.


thc said...

Since moving to Northern CA I've been amazed that people just assume that I'm liberal. As a teacher in NorCal you must *really* be in the minority.

Darren said...

You have no idea!

Keep in mind, though, that it's really just the coastal areas that are heavily democratic in this state. The inland areas are primarily republican. Maps from our recall election and the last 2 presidential elections show the divide quite clearly.

Anonymous said...


Last week, we had a protest against Halliburton. It got somewhat heated, 15 of the 300 protestors were arrested, two for assaulting a police officer. Another got arrested for striking a cop’s horse. That idiot is lucky there were camera’s present. Hit another cop, that’s one thing. Hit my mount or my K9 and your ass will get kicked.

The one question that rang through the minds of in the police department: “Do you people have jobs?” Come on, what do you do for a living?

On a bit of an aside, at the police academy there is a picture from the 1992 Republican Convention, of a protestor getting held back by a mounted officer. Of course the man filed a complaint. As a joke, one of the Internal Affairs guys took one of the picture line up forms (you know, with space for six pictures) and filled it with six horse pictures. Now here is the funny part. Someone from IA actually took it to him and he identified a horse. Gotta love these people.

Fred said...

LOL - great post. If you go, it will give you a few weeks worth of things to blog about.

Don't forget the camera.

Darren said...

Good call, Fred. Wish I had a digital camera.

Anonymous said...

"Since moving to Northern CA I've been amazed that people just assume that I'm liberal. As a teacher in NorCal you must *really* be in the minority."

That you call yourself "thc" on the internet may or may not have something to do with it.

Just musing. ;-)