Sunday, May 15, 2005

Educational Accomodations For Prospective Doctors???

I'm all about making accomodations for students with learning disabilities. Teachers do it all the time. But this story is downright scary. Here's the money quote:

The class-action suit argues that students who have trouble reading are capable of practicing medicine, but need extra time to complete the admission exam.

The attorneys who filed this case, and any judge who agrees with the quote above, should be compelled to have these doctors as their primary care physician.


Darren said...

Mostly it's people who want extra time on entrance tests to med school because of learning disabilities. Dyslexia wasn't specifically mentioned.

Do you want the ADD person working inside your torso? Do you want the person who can't read? There's no shortage of med school students (at least, none that I've heard of), and even if there were, I wonder why we'd consider marginal candidates.

Anonymous said...


You make a good case.

However, you have no problem letting a coke head, drunk driving, draft dodgeing, chimp become the president.

Darren said...

The coke charge hasn't been proven. I'm not sure about the DUI, either. And you know that whole "innocent until proven guilty" business?
Mother, you probably didn't mind having a *proven* liar and adulterer as President. And you probably voted for a traitorous, unsubstantiated-but-probably-dishonorably-discharged horsehead for President.

I'll take President Bush any day.

See, both of us can play that game. Either be civil while you're here or *do not* comment on my site. I will delete your comments just like I have one of Anonymous' if you cannot present logical, civil, *adult* comments.

Anonymous said...


The DUI is not up for debate:

The Bush & Company even admit to it, and so should you.

"Mother, you probably didn't mind having a *proven* liar and adulterer as President."

Amen. Clinton's lies didn't have a body count. I lost a friend to a drunk driver, so I have higher "family values" when it comes to DUI's.

The minimum wage in America in 1997 was $5.15.

After 4 1/2 year of Bush, the minimum wage is:


You're a math teacher. You do the math.

You can erase my posts, but you cannot erase Bush's record.

Anonymous said...


I can always tell when you lose and agument.

You either stop posting or threaten the poster.

In this case you did both.

Thanks. :)

Darren said...

Either that, or I find your argument so devoid of value that I choose not to devote any more effort to it.

You decide which.

As for "threatening" you, the fact that I have to remind you about civility says much more about you than it does about me.

Anonymous said...

"Either that, or I find your argument so devoid of value that I choose not to devote any more effort to it."

The fact that minimum wage has not increased since 1997 would only be considered as "devoid of value" in Jesusland.

For the rest of us, it is a tell tale sign of a leader who panders to the wealthy and leave the poor to suffer.

As for you Darren, you for the second time have chosen to ignore a valid argument, so I bid you a fond farewell.

Until next time, I fart in you general direction!