Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The EdWonks are reporting that a teachers union in Ireland wants to have the website RateMyTeachers.com blocked from school computers. Of course, the reason given is that given the anonymous nature of the postings, there is a corresponding lack of accountability for the comments.

As the Church Lady used to say on Saturday Night Live, "Well isn't that special."

I agree with the EdWonks--making an issue of this is the surest way to get students to flock to that website! Had they left well enough alone, and ignored the site and any comments about it, it couldn't possibly have become a problem. But draw attention to it and, well, you draw attention to it! I addressed the topic of drawing attention to something negative here.

I check RateMyTeachers every few months. Most of the scores I ignore--I'm either the worst teacher ever or I walk on water without getting the soles of my shoes wet. Sometimes the comments can be illuminating, and I'm secure enough in my professionalism to take appropriate criticism even if it comes from a 15-yr-old. My favorite score, though, is a nuking. I got a 4 for easiness (out of 5), but 1's for helpfulness and clarity. Huh? How could I not be clear if I'm so easy? This is why you have to take these things with a grain of salt.

Want some real fun? See what your students are saying about your colleagues!

Want to see how you rate in the eyes of students or even parents? If you're in the US (don't want to offend my silent legions of international readers) go to http://us.ratemyteachers.com/ Actually, if you're in the UK, Ireland, or Canada, you can click to your country's site from that same page. Everyone should be able to navigate from that point.

Happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

It's a rainy Tuesday morning and theres nothing to do. As I peruse my memory, I remember you telling your students that no one reads your blogs anymore. So, here I am. I agree entirely that by making an issue of it, it will bring it to light for many students who have never heard of the website. Personally, I find that particular site to be hilarious, mostly because teachers reading what other people say about them is must be humiliating. And yes, I'm proud to say that directly after reading this, I went to RateMyTeachers.com.
See you Monday.

Darren said...

I find it more entertaining than humiliating. However, maybe I'd feel different if I had a few more nukings--with scores and comments that were real and made sense.

I wonder what would happen on a RateMyStudents.com web site. You know why one doesn't exist? Think long and hard about that one!

See you Monday :-)