Saturday, March 26, 2005

Lies of Omission From the CTA

It's that time of the month again, and gracing my mailbox today was none other than California Educator magazine, the mouthpiece rag of the California Teachers Association.

I thought I'd take a gander through the pages and read up on the union's spin on, and justification for, the soon-to-be-rubber-stamped increase in my union dues of $180 per year. Here on page 4, in the President's column? No, no mention of it there. Here on page 6, with the cover story about gender equity? No, nothing there. Turn turn turn, nothing.

What do I find on page 21, though? A column entitled "Don't sign the governor's petitions". Here's what part of that article says:
Public Employee Union Dues. Required Employee Consent for Political Contributions. This measure would silence the voices of teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees in the political process by entangling unions in useless paperwork. It would require unions to get prior consent each year on a specified written form before using dues for political contributions. CTA's position: Teachers and other public employees would no longer be allowed to raise their voices in defense of public education.

Imagine that! Poor CTA, having to actually get my permission before spending money they extorted from me on causes I don't support! At least they finally admit, though, that they're spending dues money for political contributions.

Nothing I can find on increasing my overall dues 20% (and CTA dues even more). They don't want their members to know. Of course, what would it matter if the teachers did know? They have no ability to veto the move anyway. The Education Wonks and I have regaled you many times with stories about the anti-democratic nature of the CTA. What they do tell you about, and what they don't tell you about, in the March 2005 issue just adds more credence to those views.


EdWonk said...

The truly tragic thing is that these unelected hacks are going to take our dues money and use it to defeat an initiative that would give us choice, which is the essence of democracy.

Those CTA people really do behave like Tudor monarchs...

Coach Brown said...

Ok, I'm not even going to start on CTA crap. I'm going to the local union meeting the week I get back, and I'm going to raise hell about this.

I just read your historic simulation post. If you have anyone that teaches Rome (California is 7th grade), check out Total War: Rome. The sim engine is absolutely the best there is and you have the ability to reenact famous battle scenes from the game, or download them from the net. The Discovery Channel used the game in some of their shows regarding the expansion of the Roman Empire.
Hope all is well in Sacramento. I'm dying to get back there and have a French Dip from Bud's downtown.

Dan Edwards said...

This is typical. On a regular basis, over the years, we teachers in California have seen a steady rise in the amount of our pay checks being pilfered by CTA and NEA. When I have asked our local union hacks about this, they just say, "There was a dues increase from CTA (or NEA)." Again, 'taxation without representation' as we cannot even vote for most of these union hacks.

Coach Brown: "raising hell" about it with your local union people probably won't do much good. This theft of money comes from dictates of the State and the local minions need only to send the tribute to Burlingame.

I received a notice from uniserve about a Dinner in April for WHO awards and to honor Building Reps. The guest of honor is none other than CTA President Barbara Kerr......hummm, dinner at the local country club, (paid for by my union dues) and a chance to 'talk' to Barbara Kerr.......

EdWonk said...

Over at Education Intelligence Agency, his latest update says that formalization of the anti-democratic dues increase has been postponed until June.

(you can get to it off my blogroll-- EduShpere

The reason had something to do with bylaws.

It's just a formality... we're gonna get swindled....again.

Anonymous said...

Darren, I thought you got the pink slip a week or so ago...are you still a member of the union?

Darren said...

The pink slip doesn't take effect until the end of the school year in June. So yes, I'm still a member.

Lucky me.

Anonymous said...

So this is what I am getting into? We recently held Union Rep. elections at the high school in Washington state that I teach at. I'm not a big fan of unions and don't like being forced to be a part of one that doesn't always help me or the education process. But alas, two of my colleagues and I played a little game of, I'll do it if you do it. So we ran, unopposed, and are now union reps. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You cry about $180.

What about the price our country has paid for George W. Bush's lies?

Imagine how much money your school would have if Bush had spent $150 billion on educaiton instead of an immoral war for phantom WMD's.

If you really care about education, you should join the march against the War to prevent your students from being killed to protect Bush's legacy of lies and the stock price of Haliburton.

Force our government to spend more books and less on bombs!

Darren said...

Anonymous: non sequitur. Crying about the cost of our military does not justify at all CTA's taking of my money.

This does not have anything to do with education. This has to do with CTA.

Take your Bush-bashing hysteria elsewhere, especially if you cannot stay on topic.

Besides, do you *really* want the federal government buying books, not bombs? Do you *really* want the feds deciding what your children learn? Do you *really* not believe in the enumerated powers, and also the 10th Amendment?

Anonymous, take this from someone who is in a bad mood: you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

The United States of America spends less on education (per capita) than most industrialized countries.

However, it spends more on military spending than the rest of the world combined.

And to answer your question, yes I think the Federal Government should play a greater part in eductation so that children in the inter-cities get the same education and Bush Backing lily white schools.

I'm a fool eh? I am a product of public eductaion. Mabye I'm brain dead. Maybe I should have myself put on a feeding tube so I can get the President to actually care about me.

Darren said...

In your case, maybe even *I* would pull the tube.

Stay on topic or leave.

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue blogging. I am just starting mine.

I have a lot of information on the NEA and affiliate state unions I would like to share with you.

If only the public knew.

Sometimes I think we live in a (quasi) communist country headed up by the AFL-CIO and NEA.


EdWonk said...

I'm glad that you'll be posting again. Sometimes the best therapy is to "write it out of your system."

Even A good Rant somethimes clears the head. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi: At least get the facts right. The CTA dues increase for fighting the various initiatives is $60/year for 3 years, NOT $180/year. Also, this increase was approved almost unanimously by the 800+ CTA State Council. I am sorry if your representative did not get your opinion. I suggest you contact that person or become a representative yourself!

Darren said...

$60 increase this year, an additional $60 increase the next, and an additional $60 increase after that. Yes, *additional*.