Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Pink Slip Blues

I just got word that when layoff notices in my district go out, they'll go back 4 years. I wasn't hired until September 4th, 2001.

The knowledge that I'll be near the top of the rehire list isn't comforting. I was laid off in this district 2 years ago, spent the summer on unemployment, and got rehired in August. Honestly, a lot of new gray hairs sprouted that summer. Now it looks like I'll have to do it all again.


Update: 3/14/05: I found out today they'll pinkslip everyone hired with the last five years, not four.


Sherwould said...

Quit being so selfish and look at this from your readers' point of view. Now you'll have a lot more time to blog!

Seriously, best of luck - and even if the summer is "pink", I'm sure you'll find opportunity in the fall. So keep your spirits high! Your natural enthusiasm, solid core beliefs, and strength of character will carry you through.

Darren said...

That's just the type of smart-aleck comment I needed to slap me out of my oh-woe-is-me self-pity party. Thanks!

I got laid off in this district 2 years ago. I spent the summer collecting unemployment, but was rehired in August only because a math teacher left for another district. I think I got lucky then, and I'm not so sure I can count on luck again. But I'm not going to come up with a Plan B until August.

But, as Tom Petty said, "the waiting is the hardest part."

EdWonk said...

Just out of curiosity, how many administrators got pink-slipped? A few years ago, they gave 116 teachers out of nearly 350 pink slips. And not one administrator received one.

Dan Edwards said...

How attached are you to Sacramento? My school will have a math teaching opening, one of them is moving on to becaome a education fund sucking parasitic edubureaucrat at our local Educational palace, (aka County Office of Education). There might also be a second math opening, if the new teacher that is in that position moves on, (as rumor has it).
Real Nice house = $250K Closest real beaches = 110 miles west in San Diego Baseball = Padres and Dodgers on the radio Football = Chargers on the radio Sand Dunes = Lots of sand here Other attractions: County Fair (Kansas in concert tonight, free with admission), Blue Angels Air Show ( was cool as usual), Mexico= Mexicali is just a few miles south.
Cattle Call Rodeo Weekend in Nov. Salary: Year five with BA + 30 =$47,700 BA + 45/or MA Yr. 5 = $50,512. BA + 75 = 53,286.
Pay electric bills for AC (Hot season May - Oct.) , low expenses in winter Fairly cheap electric for Calif.

Teacher Union = WEAK
Let me know if you might be at all interested. District adding new elem. and Jr High in next year or two due to housing developments in District.
Imperial County = Low-socio economic area, high hispanic population (80-85%). Major industries: Homeland Security and Fed. Gov't., Two State Max. Security Prisons, Agriculture, Selling water to LA and San Diego.
Higher Education opportunities: SDSU-Calexico Campus, local JC, various U of Redlands, U of Phoenix classes.

In all, it is not as nice a place as Sac., but there are worse.

Darren said...

Most of our administrators will be getting pink slips. There's talk of doing away with most/all of our VP's--truly a mistake. The plan right now is to give pink slips to everyone with less than 4 (I've heard 5) years in the district, and all administrators. It's not what I'd call outside-the-box thinking, that's for sure.

I'm pretty stuck here in Sacramento. Couldn't take my son away from his mother, and neither could I leave him behind. Polski3, the place doesn't sound too bad! Then again, I've read your blog and know what the teaching conditions are like!!!

I'm gonna stick it out here and hope for the best. If the best doesn't come to pass, I'll come up with a Plan B.