Saturday, March 05, 2005

I Really Screwed Up Today

Last semester one of my former students asked me to write a recommendation letter for him to earn his Eagle Scout award. My father was an Eagle Scout and I'm a West Point graduate--I understand the significance of the Eagle Scout rank.

A few weeks ago this student brought me an invitation to the ceremony at which he'd become an Eagle Scout. I don't know how many people he invited, but the honor of being one of them was one I quickly and graciously accepted. I called and RSVP'd, put it on the calendar, and waited for the day to arrive.

Today I talked to my son about it, telling him that tomorrow we'd be getting dressed up and going to this ceremony. I told him how important it was, how he'd have to be on his best behavior, etc. You know, the normal parent spiel.

When we got home today I got out the invitation so I could pull up the location on To my horror I found that the ceremony had been today--I had written it on the wrong day on my calendar. I immediately called the student's mother and apologized profusely, explaining what had happened. I gave her my phone number and asked her to have her son call me when he got in so I could apologize to him as soon as possible.

That was over 3 hours ago. I haven't heard from him. I hope I'm making more of this than I should, but it's hard to put into words how bad I feel.

I really screwed up today.

Update, 3/7/05: I spoke to the student today and apologized. He was fine--just couldn't find my phone number to return my call. Apparently there were plenty of people at the ceremony, for which I'm thankful.

Update #2, 1/7/09: I don't know when I learned this, but sometime between then and now I learned that my dad was in fact a Life Scout, one rank below Eagle.

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Austin (the student) said...

You know Austin isn't too old to start Scouts, I think I started at the minimum age in 5th grade but I had a friend who started in 7th or 8th grade and made Eagle before I did. My Eagle ceremony is being planned, and no worries, you're on the guest list. The Boys Scouts of America is one of the best and most valuable experiances in my 18 year-old life. Not only because I know how to tie a knot, or administer first aid; but because I have gained leadership experiance difficult to find other places. I sure bitched and moaned about it from time to time, but looking back, it was all worth it. I am, in fact, still involved as an Assistant Scout Master. Any questions, ask me in class.