Friday, August 10, 2018


I wonder what their math grades are like in school?
Some parents have new dreams for their kids—make them Fortnite experts.

With more than 125 million players across the world, Fortnite’s immense popularity, which has drawn everyone from pre-teens to superstar musicians like Drake, has led to some parents hiring video game coaches to help their kids win.

“My son was actually beginning to play and he actually wanted to get a little bit more competitive,” Nick Mennen, whose son plays Fortnite, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “When I saw that there was a university that started offering a scholarship for it, I decided that it was a good approach for his future.”

Parents are willing to shell out around $20 per hour for a coach to help their kids improve, according to Fortnite coach Cesar Sainz.


Ellen K said...

I would laugh except they are building a huge stadium in Arlington so people can watch other people play video games. And evidently there's a scholarship for that at a local university.
In the meantime, my recent rant as I recover from surgery:

Pseudotsuga said...

This reminds me of the Far Side cartoon about the want ads for a good Mario Bros. player (see here
How prescient Gary Larson was...