Sunday, July 30, 2017

An Update on My "Christmas In July" Present

You might recall the story of my buying a massage chair at Costco.  What I didn't tell you was that it took days for the salesman to actually be able to complete the sale, and during those days I worried that the deal would fall through.  Perhaps he didn't have the authority to sell me a floor model at the price he did...

But as I said, a few days later he called me and asked me to come in to Costco.  At that point I paid for the chair and felt a lot better about the situation.  It was much more likely now that I'd actually get it!

I was told the chair company would contact me with shipping information in order to schedule a delivery.  A few more days went by and they didn't contact me.  I called them.  Fortunately, on my second attempt at a call I spoke to a real human (who was quite friendly and helpful) and got the shipping company and tracking information.  I looked up the tracking info.

On July 26th my chair left New Hampshire and on the 27th it arrived in Newark.  On the 28th it left Newark and is still listed as "en route".  It should arrive in California on August 1st; it would be nice if I could get it delivered on August 2nd.

I shouldn't have had to wait so long and put so much effort into giving a company 4 digits of money, but that feeling fades as August 1st gets closer and closer.  I'm so looking forward to sitting in that chair!

Update, 7/31/17:  As of 1:30 this morning my chair was at SFO.  Getting closer!

Update, 8/1/17:  I called yesterday and scheduled a delivery between 11 am and 3 pm today.  I just checked and it left SFO at 9:20, so that rules out an 11:00 sharp delivery!

Update, 8/2/17:  It arrived in the early afternoon.  But the delivery driver would only deliver it to my porch, saying he's not allowed inside people's houses.  A friend came over and helped me get the 200+ pound behemoth inside.  It was missing a couple clips to hold the footrest/calf massager onto the chair, so I jerry-rigged it with wire (the clips will arrive in the mail within a week, I was told this morning).  It feels so good!  I probably spent an entire hour or more in it yesterday!

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