Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paulo Freire Raises His Ugly Head

Joanne has a great summary post about Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire, a post primarily about Sol Stern's exceptional rebuttal to Freire's ideas. I've previously written about Freire here and here.

Those three links will bring you completely up to speed on Freire's views and why they're adored by the American Left, even though they haven't been shown to work anywhere.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

I wonder how popular Friere is among charter schools and charter school teachers?

My theory is that the popularity of lefty ideas is inversely proportional to the likelihood, or perception of likelihood, of being held responsible for their inevitable, unhappy consequences and in the district system accountability, in practically any form and for practically any reason, is anathema.

That means district schools are a naturally warm environment for lefty ideas and charters, due to their inherently greater accountability, ought to be much less accommodating of left ideas.

I wonder how to go about testing the theory?