Sunday, April 19, 2009

One More Leftie Is Starting To See The Light

Lefties aren't necessarily liberals. They're fascists. And while this author is a little late to the party, we'll still give him balloons, a piece of cake, and a goodie bag.


Ellen K said...

I will say it again, political theory is a circle, not a line. That means that the absolute ends of both Right and Leftist viewpoints are totalitarian. The real freedom is somewhere in the middle. And that is where most of us reside politically speaking. But more and more our politicians are embracing absolute attitudes that alienate many of us whether it is publicly or in private. This has been the most divisive serious of campaigns, elections and Congressional actions in a long while. And until the pendulum swings away from giving just one party complete power, there will continue to be a great deal of anger in the electorate. Our founding fathers put in checks and balances with the implicit goal being to prevent one group from running the show. Now with a liberal/socialist executive branch, a liberal Congress and a judiciary intent on writing legislation from the Bench, we have no balance and no recourse. My hope is at history will repeat and the midterms will produce a more balanced government. Until then all I see is public chaos and a government who will do whatever it wants no matter what the people say or do.

Ellen K said...

On that topic, you may want to read the article on my post about the proposed bailout of newspapers. How will those in the middle see what is what if the government controls every media source? First it's the "Fairness" bill, then this. What's next?

allen (in Michigan) said...

I think the political spectrum consists of authoritarianism of whatever stripe at one end and a sovereign citizenry at the other.

So kings, popes, drug lords and commissars are really just variations on a theme, none governing with the consent of the governed, and the various organizations they lead/control, the various philosophies to which they adhere are just coats of paint on the underlying illegitimacy of their rule.

As for the current state of the U.S., I'm not happy about it but I'm also not particularly worried about waking up to find Obama The First ruling by decree. I think there's a good deal of sentiment that opposes the direction that our elected leaders, including many Republicans I'm sorry to say, seem to prefer and when those sentiments reach a critical mass the results show up at the polls.