Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Cruise Update

What a trip so far! One of our dinner companions from last night will be attending the Air Force Academy in a few months, and it was a treat to talk to him and his parents.

Today we're at Catalina Island. Just got in from a Zodiac tour, on which I took video of nesting bald eagles and a pod of dolphins. When I get home to a reliable (and no extra cost) internet connection, I'll endeavor to remember to post some of that video.

Was up late last night drinking and singing and dancing, so tonight I think I'll catch the 9pm showing of Quantum of Solace in my cabin. Or maybe not :-)

In a couple hours we sail for Ensenada, in Baja California. Now I see why those former students of mine chose the Naval Academy; this shipboard life is kinda nice!

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Polski3 said...

Hey, if you read this in time, take a cab ride out to La Buffadora....its an interesting natural thing just south of Ensanada. And, be sure to try some fresh fish tacos....careful with the salsa....some folks like watching gringos turn red from some of the spicier salsas.....
If youre in town long enough and care to risk it, there are several places that fix fresh fish and cerveche muy bueno, muy especial!

If you gotta drink a beer, go for a Bohemia. Tecate, Dos Equs (?) Corona, Pacifico....are crap compared to Bohemia.