Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Trek-ified

With the new Star Trek movie coming out in a couple weeks, you might be interested in what you'd look like as a Star Trek character:

Here's mine. The left eyebrow and the cheekbones are mine, but the rest doesn't look much like me at all (I don't think). Maybe gold just doesn't match my skin tone :-)

It's certainly no better or no worse than my Simpsons doppelgaenger. (And yes, I add the 'e' in there. I've read that "official" German has gotten rid of umlauts and replaced them with e's after the formerly-umlauted letters.)


Stopped Clock said...

Hmm?? No way. I'm not a native speaker but I'm pretty sure German umlauts aren't going anywhere.

Darren said...

Odd. I can find nothing on it now, but I recall reading that umlauts and the B-looking double-s (I can pronounce it, but have no idea how to spell "ess-tsett") have gone the way of the dodo.

Darren said...

Here it is: